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March 05, 2009


Pastor Terry - we will be very happy to welcome you to our congregation. My husband Hans and I have connected with CAL-PAC renewal and Lifewatch and have volunteered for some committees. But I must admit we are struggling with remaining in the Methodist church. Our hearts have been heavy lately and the choice of staying within the church and trying to help the conservative voice be heard - or just leaving and finding a congregation with a different voice has been a struggle. We are still undecided. Hans is on Emmaus team this weekend I will be on team next. We ask for prayer on our decision and perhaps if you have some counsel.

Hi Kether,
You have been in my prayers all week.
We all have trouble with waiting patiently. We're trained to look for immediate results.

Do you have some spiritual disciplines ("holy habits") that help you wait? ...times of quiet prayer, listening prayer? Do you use the Labyrinth at LUMC? Do you read the bible just to follow the story and not in a "study" way?

Are you in a small group of faithful Christians who can pray for you and your patience? Are you involved in a ministry that reaches out and helps others know God's love in a personal way?

All these are ways that many people have found a strength and power that enables them to "wait patiently" for discernment and direction in God's will.

You and your whole family is in my prayers.

Well this message happened to be timed exactly during a waiting period for my husband and I with some struggles and treatment with secondary infertility (we have one beautiful four year old son). I seem to need reminders that I sometimes I will be "in the dark" about where this is all going and that while I may not know-- He does-- and He is acting in my best interest.
This part especially:
'This means that you are able to patiently wait for the outcome even when you are in pain, anxiety and/or confusion.
Don’t give up on God!'

Patiently waiting (or in my case, not so patiently sometimes...)

Thanks again!


Hi Kether,

Thanks for your note. I'm glad it was a blessing for you.

Were there any specific ways it was helpful?

I'm interested in how a blog like this can be widely circulated so any suggestions as to content, style or ideas to pass it around are welcomed!

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Terry

This message hit home for me this week. Thank you!

I'm a member of Lancaster United Methodist Church and I'm really excited about having a blogging pastor!

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