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January 21, 2006


Terry Van Hook

Recently a response was posted here in error. It has been removed, but here are some further reflections on this issue.

Sometimes we have a friend or loved one that has a deep emotional condition that requires the care of a highly qualified psychiatrist.

But problems develp when they no longer trust the medical and healing professions.

This is the heartbreak in dealing with someone who has mental limitations.

You want to help them, yet it's really up to them. They are trapped inside a world that doesn't give them good information or reasoning processes to properly use that help.

There are so many good medicines that can change the chemical imbalance that people often have. It's sad when they are not used.

The options you have include:

1) Staying close and waiting until there is a serious "psychotic episode" that warrants a trip to a reputable hospital ER.

Most hospitals usually have a Psychiatric consultant available and can even invoke a 72 hour "hold" on a patient if they are a danger to themselves or threatening others.

Such a visit may help her get back on medical care and restore her reasoning ability. (Which, as Glenn points out, is one of the first things to go.)

2) Trying to convince her to return to medical care.

Perhaps you could accompany her to her doctor and wait outside (or even inside with her if she lets you.) This could be her primary doctor or her old specialist.

A county clinic could also be a "fresh start."

Maybe having her come to see Edie Davis, our Christian counselor here at Hope (www.hopeumc.com) would be something she could do.

It's hard to know just what will "click" with her.

You may have to speak with her in soothing, trustful tones for quite some time before she trust your advice.

Dealing with mental & emotional limitations is one of the most difficult things to do.

I admire your love and support for your friend. She may not know it, but you are a real gift from God to her!

Grace and Peace, Pastor Terry

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