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  • The name "God-Wrestling" comes from the hebrew word "Yisrael (Israel) " which means to contend with or be a "wrestler with God."
    This "ethics" blog will attempt to do simply that: to wrestle with God in the midst of life from a Jewish-Christian point of view. This is a place for you to send your questions that begin with: "I have always wondered about...." or "I wish I knew what God wanted me to do when...."

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November 10, 2005


Ken Pearcy

The issue I’ve dealt with is in many respects the opposite of the environment above. Rather than having a colleague at work that clearly dislikes ME, I am the one who clearly dislikes a co-worker and has a difficult time dealing with it.

A qualifier, he is my manager and although it is not uncommon for one to “dislike their boss” it is a bit more than that for me.

His general attitude and approach to work cause me ill feelings constantly. I find myself muttering about him on an almost daily basis and simply the sight of him or the sound of his voice can make my heart rate rise. Although I maintain civil and professional and professional conduct around him when we are physically around each other, the moment he is out of sight, I often find myself dwelling on my dislike towards him. There are “personality-traits” that he has that are irritating, but God knows, I have several of my own character defects, many much more disturbing than his I’m sure. Basically, I often ask myself “Self, what about him upsets you so much?” and I have yet to come up with any reasonable answers. The reasons for my feelings about him, even if unknown, do not diminish the effects they have on me. I feel guilty after talking about him behind his back or hoping he’d just “go away”. I’ve tried praying for him ( and myself ) and have made a conscious effort many many times to treat him with kindness, respect and love. The fact remains that in this effort, I fail miserably most days.

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