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October 19, 2005


Hi Lee,
Thanks for your comment.

The problem can often be in the kindling that you are using, ...or the preparation of the "shavings."

I look for people who's eyes light up when I talk about the possibilities of God in their life, ...who show a spark of interest in what it means to be "transformed by Jesus."

It's with those people that I spend most of my "God dreaming dreams" time.

Others who complain, critique, and generally just want to keep on doing things they way they have been doing them are poor prospects for "catching fire."

It is my hope and prayer for them that soon they will, ...and I do pray and keep in contact with them.

But my truly empowering moments come when faithful Christians start sharing the power of the Holy Spirit with each other in ever more creative ways!

It's then that we all ignite and burn brightly with love for our Lord!

Praise God for the sparks that ignite bonfires! It's only by the grace of God that it happens.

Grace and Peace, Pastor Terry

I feel like a boy scout in the boonies, striking flint and steel. Both items are hard , do not seem to be affected at all by my efforts. They produce sparks that quickly die without making any difference in the dry tinder of the congregation.

It seems to me we are still making sparks but failed to ignite a significant fire in Cal-Pac Conference.

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